Office Mobile Costs too much

Is Office Mobile, the iPhone version of Microsoft’s long-running Office series, really worth a $100 yearly subscription fee? Jill Duffy, a tech reviewer at, says “no.” And she’s right.

Subscription required

Duffy’s greatest concern with Office Mobile is its cost. To access the app, you’ll have to purchase at minimum a $99 yearly subscription to Microsoft Office 365. For Duffy, this is a bit of a rip-off: There are plenty of free alternatives for the majority of the tasks that Office performs.

Not the only game in town

As Duffy writes, most smartphone users can make use of a collection of free alternatives to handle things from word-processing to spreadsheets. So why, then, must a user invest nearly $100 annually for Office Mobile?


If you’re a knowledgeable smartphone user, then, you’ll take Duffy’s advice: Look around on the ‘Net for the best free alternatives to Office, programs such as Polaris Office. You might be surprised at how powerful these programs are.

Posted on: 08.16.13