Why Outsourcing IT is a Good Idea for Small Businesses

To support communication, data management and other aspects of a business, most small enterprises find that they have to make use of various information technology (IT) . Managing these services however more often than not proves to be a challenge, requiring plenty of labor, expertise and high management costs.

This is why some small businesses are opting to outsource IT services. Outsourcing IT support has several advantages that make the investment more than worth it.

1. Lower costs

When you handle all IT support in-house, you must allocate a fixed budget towards it. This tends to drain a large part of your operating costs. By outsourcing, the costs of IT services management become variable and are easier to manipulate. In most cases you find yourself with more money to direct towards other areas of the business especially those that directly generate revenue.

In addition, outsourcing removes the need to have permanent and temporary employees handling IT services which tends to be expensive for the business.

2. Experience and expertise

A reputable IT outsourcing company will have highly qualified and experienced technicians under its employment. The experience is especially beneficial since it means that the company can easily and efficiently handle a wide range of IT services.

3. Access to the best resources

When it comes to internal IT management, small businesses are nowhere near the level of big companies. Large companies have the resources and staff to handle all IT services without a problem. When a small business outsources IT support to an IT company, it gets access to the same top level resources. This greatly improves business efficiency.

4. Quick and low cost implementation of new technology

Technology is always changing. In IT, new and better systems keep on replacing older ones. If you handle your own IT, it means that when you want to implement new technology you have to retrain your employees and give them time to gain experience in the new system. This leads to significant delays which can negatively affect the business.

By outsourcing to an IT company, you do not need to worry about how to implement and use a new system. This saves a great amount of time and money while at the same time providing easy and quick access to better technology.

5. Lower risk to the business

IT companies are extremely dedicated at reducing any risks their systems and technology are facing. A small business on the other hand may not even be aware of some of these risks leave alone taking steps towards mitigating them. Of particular concern is the risk of a security breach which can compromise very sensitive data such as customer information. By outsourcing, you are reducing the risk facing your IT systems and business in general.

6. Focus on your main business

The IT aspect of a business, even a small business, is quite demanding. If a problem arises it requires a lot of time and money to solve. In the end, the core business suffers negatively. Outsourcing IT services removes this burden from the business owner’s shoulder’s and places it onto an IT company that is better suited to handle it. Whew! What a relief!

Posted on: 01.19.15