Photoshop is Expensive: Here are Some Alternatives

Businesses can use Adobe Photoshop to generate professional marketing material easily. It is a very robust program with many features so it’s no surprise that it can cost over $600, depending on the version. Many small business owners don’t want to spend this much, and they don’t require all the features that come with it. However, there are some alternatives to Photoshop that are low-cost or free.

These programs probably won’t contain all the elements that Photoshop boasts, but they have more than enough photo-editing features for the majority of small business owners. Here are three of the highest quality free photo-editing programs available today:


GIMP is very user friendly and contains most of the features from Photoshop that a business owner might need to create marketing material. The beauty of GIMP is that it’s absolutely free!


Did you ever use MSPiant? It was included with your Windows operating system and was very basic. Paint.NET is its successor and is a lot more powerful then its forerunner. One fantastic aspect for designers is an unlimited undo button. Paint.NET is a free program; the only negative regarding it is that it only works on Windows machines.


Picnik is fast, free, and easy to use. It works on the Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems and you don’t need to download files to use it. It has some exciting special effects as well, making it a well liked photo-editing program.

In the end, if you’re searching for a program that allows you to create professional marketing material, it is not necessary to spend a lot. These programs will let you accomplish this task at no cost.

Posted on: 05.02.12