Poor Microsoft: A MacBook ranks as best-performing Windows laptop

Another embarrassment for Microsoft? Seems like it. Following the critical drubbing the company has had for Windows 8, a PC company has recently ranked the 13-inch MacBook Pro as the laptop that does the best job running Windows software. And, yes, the MacBook Pro is manufactured by Microsoft rival Apple.

The Report

Tech site CNET just recently reported on Soluto’s research. The services company analyzed the number of frustrating events on Windows laptops. It discovered that MacBook Pros which have Windows software installed suffered far less of these annoyances than did any other Windows laptop.

As Advertised

The main benefit of running Windows on a MacBook? According to Soluto, the Windows programs installed on the machine run cleanly. In other words, they run as they are advertised.

Fewer Crashes

According to Soluto, the MacBook Pro experienced fewer crashes, hang-ups and blue screens when operating Windows software. The MacBook also booted quicker. So what does this mean? Only that Microsoft’s rough patch continues.

Posted on: 05.31.13