Positive Effects of a Healthy Company Culture: Part 1

Strategy and finances are not the only elements of a successful company, but they are typically what companies concentrate on. It may not seem obvious, but company culture plays an essential role too. It can affect your branding, marketing, and day-to-day operations, and how the public views your company. For instance when we think of brands like Apple, Google, and Starbucks, not only do their logos and products come to mind, but a slew of positive qualities: warmth, efficiency, fun, excellence, etc. These characteristics are thanks in part to each company’s positive business culture.

Why Culture is so Important

A healthy office culture encourages creativity. When employees like the place they work and feel like they’re part of the team it can make them challenge themselves in innovative ways. In a workplace in which people feel invisible or stifled they will often do the minimum amount required. It is a part of human nature to want to feel valued and important. A business is made of its people so whatever attitude prevails will show up in your brand and the merchandise and service you provide. In the end, taking care of the culture of your workplace is everyone’s responsibility from the CEO to HR.

If you are not yet convinced, here are some of the obvious benefits of promoting a healthy culture.

  • Focus – Keeping employees focused on the same goal helps a business run with efficiency. Getting people to care about the goal comes with having a healthy focus. If your employees feel like they are an important part of achieving that goal they’ll be more likely to push themselves. When people feel like they have no influence on the main goal, they loose focus, and can become cynical.
  • Cohesion – Healthy culture can result in strong communication in good and bad times. In a place where there is unhealthy culture people may frequently resent being told what to do because they don’t feel their opinions are heard or appreciated. When a problem arises they may avoid pointing it out because they fear backlash.
  • Motivation – A motivated workforce gets things done. That may seem obvious, but companies that do not pay attention to the health of their culture could be struggling when it comes to efficiency. Being motivated to work hard is a trait that should be present in every person in the company if the culture is healthy.

Measuring the Cultural Health of Your Company

This can be a difficult step but ought to be evaluated a few times a year. One of the first steps is to look at how individuals are managed, how jobs are given out, and do people have some say in what they are doing? Obviously you might find some people who’ll never be happy, but if the general consensus is unfavorable, start considering making a few changes for the healthy of your business. Check back soon for a few tips on transforming your company’s culture for the better.

Posted on: 02.01.12