Privacy by obscurity no more on Facebook?

Remember those ugly comments you wrote long ago about an ex-boyfriend? How about that picture of you and your college friends holding shot glasses to the camera? Would like your present-day family and friends to easily find them? As TechCrunch writer Josh Constine says in a recent story, Facebook’s new Graph Search may make it easier than ever before for people to unearth those long-forgotten but incredibly embarrassing Facebook posts.

A more powerful search tool

The new Graph Search allows users to search your Facebook comments and updates by comments, notes, updates, check-ins and photo captions. Which means that your family members, friends and co-workers might have no problem digging up all those embarrassing snapshots you posted in your college days.


This might be good news for users searching for specific posts from family members or friends. But it could bring up some embarrassments for users, too. After all, it’s now extremely easy for users to find posts that you posted when you were a younger, and probably less wise, person.

Obscurity obliterated

Constine comments in his story about privacy by obscurity. Before this newer version of Graph Search, Facebook users could feel comfortable knowing that most fellow users wouldn’t search through years of their old posts in search of one embarrassing photo or inappropriate joke. With Graph Search, though, this is no longer the case. Privacy by obscurity, as Constine calls it, will pretty much disappear. Your Facebook data out there for everyone to see.How do you feel?

Posted on: 11.06.13