Productivity Tips: OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion is the most recently introduced operating system from Macintosh and it has gotten positive reviews. People are saying it’s very powerful and easy to use*. However, if you are using it, you may not be using it to its full potential. You can increase your productivity by using a number of the tips that were highlighted in a recent article Mark Crump wrote for GigaOM.

Managing Mail

One of the more beneficial features that Mountain Lion provides is for people who are overwhelmed by the amount of email they receive. And let’s be truthful, this is most of us. You have probably noticed that very little mail is actually important and much of it is promotions and coupons. To help handle this, Apple created the Mountain Lion Notification Center. This allows you to get alerts that pop up on your screen when emails from specific people come in so you don’t have to keep navigating back to your inbox.

The Power of Reminders

It can be easy to forget to pick up milk at the grocery store on your way home from work. It can be just as simple to forget that 3 p.m. phone call scheduled with an important client. Fortunately, Mountain Lion’s Reminders app can help reduce missed appointments and forgotten tasks. The program, which is simple to use, will send you pre-set reminders of important appointments and jobs. You can also check off your tasks when you have accomplished them.

Relying on Notes for Important Codes

How many phone meetings today require you to enter a long meeting code after dialing in? It can be easy to lose those codes, whether you write them on paper or type them on your computer screen. Mountain Lion’s Notes feature, though, gives you quick access to all your important dial-in codes and passwords. Simply enter your dial-in meeting codes on the Notes feature. Now you’ll always know how to get at them when those phone conferences are ready to start.

*As IT folks, we get unfairly pegged as PC partisans, when in reality, we’re just fans of great technology, no matter the label.

Posted on: 09.21.12