Programs that Make it Easy to Share Big Files

Have you ever had this issue, you need to send a huge file but the file is way too big to attach to an email? Well, you’re in luck. There are many programs out there that permit you to share or send large files. We have discussed four of the most popular below.


YouSendIt’s cloud-based online storage allows users to share everything from huge pictures to videos for free. The service is known for how simple it is to use.
YouSendIt also gives users control over their massive files. For example, they can set expiration dates for these files and control who can and can’t access them.


DropSend is very similar to YouSendIt. The primary difference being that it offers a variety of options. You can select the free option called DropSendLite. This version allows you to send five files a month. Then there is the basic version which allows you to send fifteen files a month and costs $5 a month. Finally there is the business version which comes with unlimited file sends and costs $99 a month.


SugarSync is growing in popularity along with the rise in smartphones and tablet computers. That’s because users can create a SugarSync account that instantly saves their files on all their devices at once – everything from their smartphones to their desktop computers to their tablets. SugarSync also allows users to provide access to these large files to specific users. It’s a good way to allow family members or coworkers to view movies, pictures and other big files without the use of e-mail.


Dropbox, too, has become a must-have program for mobile computing. Like SugarSync, it lets you instantaneously store files on all of your gadgets at the same time. It also is available in both free and paid varieties.

Posted on: 07.20.12