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Data Recovery

What You Need to Know About Data Recovery

Backing up data is only one piece of the business continuity puzzle. Data that takes weeks to recover or that returns corrupted or without structure can be almost as devastating as total loss. Fast, thorough recovery capability is essential to staying on top of your game, no matter what life throws at you.

For more than 80% of businesses experiencing a major disaster this year, it will come in the form of technology mishaps. Even a simple power loss or minor theft can spell major problems for an unprepared small business. The cost of a single small event, such as the data loss associated with the theft of a company laptop, amounts on average to $50,000. By some estimates, 50% of small businesses that experience unexpected hardware failure will be out of business within one year.

Yet according to a global study by Regus in 2012, the percentage of companies with no form of disaster recovery plan remains around 43%–and the number among SMBs is higher.

Underlying this startling statistic is the reality that most small businesses simply don’t feel they have the time to devote to something as dauntingly complex as Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Traditionally, DR/BC has been the realm of big business, a complicated and expensive multi-step process involving consultants and lots of testing.

RecoveryPoint changes that. The simplest, most important step you can take for your business continuity plan is to talk to a Waypoint representative about how we can streamline disaster planning for your company. We’ll help you:

  • Plan. Which types of data do you need backed up? How quickly do you need to recover each type? Who needs access and how will you communicate in the event of disaster?
  • Identify Your Critical Data. Knowing what you have and what you need is critical to ensuring you can access it when you need it. Critical data includes everything you use on a daily basis—employee and customer contacts, financial documents, data files—as well as everything you are required by law to keep and everything you might need later. Don’t forget logo and design files, past customer contacts, and email archives.
  • Choose the Right Options. Secure Cloud-based solutions are an ideal choice for most SMBs, easier, more intuitive, and more secure than ever before. But know what to look for.

RecoveryPOINT provides :

  • Near real-time backups, so you recover everything including the past 20 minutes of work.
  • Intuitive restoration. In most cases, recover your data quickly and simply without technical assistance.
  • Flexible restoration. Data that comes back in a jumbled mess can cost almost as much to recover as data that doesn’t come back at all. Our solutions allow for recovery of files, folders, partitions, mailboxes and messages, databases, and tables.
  • Off-site storage combined with on-site virtual server. Off-site recovery can be an inexpensive long-term solution for data that is needed only occasionally, plus provides replication for critical data. But for day-to-day operations, an on-site virtual server can get you up and running again within minutes.

If your server goes down, and you have RecoveryPoint, your team does not stop working. Your on-site virtual servers kick in and your data is there for you when you need it. Data recovery has never been this easy, fast, or secure.

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