Email, Email Archiving, Email Continuity Managed By Waypoint

Email & IT Services for Small Businesses in Charlotte, NC

MailPoint – Simple. Secure. Confidence.

We all depend on email communication every day. Reliable, safe, flexible mail service is critical to effective operations.

Unfortunately, spam, scams, hackers, and virus creators are creative, determined, and ubiquitous–and can cause immeasurable damage very quickly if allowed in. MailPoint stays ahead of them so you can get on with your work in confidence.

  • Increase efficiency with a cleaner email environment
  • Reduce IT resources requirements by eliminating unnecessary bandwidth usage
  • Keep your confidential company information–confidential
  • Enjoy the best cost-to-value ratio in the industry

What sets this solution apart is signature profile-matching technology that is extremely adaptive to the ever-growing array of potential malicious attacks.


  • Deploys immediately with zero hardware or software requirements
  • Protects the integrity of your local network with remote firewall protection and SMTP lockdown that stop invasions before they can begin
  • Offers significant bandwidth savings resulting from an average spam capture rate of 94% and higher
  • Ensure your email is safe with secondary email caching
  • Reduces IT and HR management, as well as administration of spam-related issues

MailPoint comes with a powerful, simple to use Web-based administration tool, real-time reporting of message flow with full statistics and averages, and stealth deployment options for risk-free and easy evaluations.

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