Email Continuity Services

Email Continuity Service

The fact of the matter is that networks fail and disasters happen! There is nothing that can prevent this. Would your company be in a mess if you had to go without email for 1 hour, or even a full day or more? How would your company manage if you were faced with a lengthy email outage? If you are like most companies, then it would be a total disaster. However, Waypoint can help! With MailPoint email continuity, email availability will never be a problem again. As long as you have internet access, your employees will always be able to gain access to company emails.

How does it Work?

Here at Waypoint, our team can ensure that your company maintains business continuity with MailPoint when server outages strike. We combine the functionality of disaster mail spooling with continuous email communication services to ensure that you are fully protected against bothersome email interruptions. You will have full functionality that includes reading, sending, and receiving messages during outages.

What MailPoint Offers

  • Immediate and automatic activation when an outage is detected
  • No separate website login and seamless integration with Outlook
  • Uninterrupted email services
  • Complete outbound and inbound email services from primary employee email addresses
  • No size limitations on mailboxes

Since MailPoint is a totally hosted service, no additional hardware or software is required. Email communications will be continuous for as long as your server outage lasts. Once your mail server is back up and running, all email messages will be returned to your primary server. MailPoint is compatible with in-house and hosted email systems, and it is guaranteed to work 24/7, 365 days a year.

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