Disaster Recovery and Data Backup

Waypoint has totally redefined end-to-end support in terms of delivering quality managed services by combining management and intelligent remote monitoring with advanced disaster recovery and backup into integrated solutions that are second to none. The Waypoint Vault RecoveryPoint Solution is extremely beneficial in providing a total end-to-end business continuity solution that guarantees the recovery and protection of vital company data that is stored on Desktops and Microsoft Windows Servers.

Utilizing state of the art technology, the innovative Waypoint Vault provides backup snapshots on a continual basis that are based on a retention policy and a granular schedule that is vastly configurable. Snapshots are virtualized instantaneously, which allows for the recovery of folders, files, and even data in SharePoint or Microsoft Exchange in just minutes, not weeks, days, or months. Data that the Waypoint Vault backs up is also duplicated to the cloud offsite, so your company can have complete assurance that you will always have business continuity, even if a worst case scenario disaster strikes.

4 Key Components of the Waypoint Vault

  • Waypoint Desktop/Server Vault enables vital business data to be backed up in configurable, virtual (VMDK) snapshots that are stored on the Vault BDR appliance. Disk space is minimized by utilizing compression and advanced de-duplication.
  • The BDR appliance provides retention policies and granular snapshots that can be fully configurable to meet each company’s needs. Virtual snapshots can be switched on in mere seconds, to provide file level restore, including SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange support. Screenshot verifications of backups are scheduled and available if necessary. Bare Metal restores to different hardware are available and are managed with ease as well.
  • The Waypoint Cloud Vault offers total cloud replication and instantaneous virtualization off-site. Data is all encrypted and stored in bicoastal SAS 70 Type II data centers that are HIPAA-compliant.
  • Waypoint Management and Remote Monitoring support is included for Vault BDR appliance and is available for all protected desktops and servers as well.


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  • P&L management, Budgeting
  • Network maintenance and installation
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  • Data disaster and backup recovery
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