Network Penetration Test

The network penetration tests that we offer are designed to analyze the effectiveness of outer-edge security of your network. These assessments will answer numerous questions that relate to what services are exposed beyond your firewalls and if the services are secured as well as they should be. This test is also used by our specialists to identify rogue services that are unauthorized. These rouge services could include things such as personal websites, personal gaming servers, or any other unauthorized services that are using network resources at your expense. Conducting this assessment on a regular basis is the way to go if you want to maintain the first line of defense where your information security efforts are concerned.

Our Approach

Our team will fully analyze your network from the vantage point of external attackers using a range of automated diagnostic tools. Your network will also be personally inspected by a certified GSEC/GIAC information security specialist. Our primary assessment will involve identifying any open TCP ports. We will check them for vulnerabilities, and we will validate the suitability of the service being exposed. After our assessment is finished, we will provide a comprehensive report that outlines vulnerabilities and remediation steps that should be taken to fully secure your firewall and network.

What is Included?

Our network penetration testing services are real-world, comprehensive assessments that include the following:

  • Assessment by a certified GSEC/GIAC information security specialist.
  • The identification of all open TCP and UDP ports.
  • Suggestions for alternative configurations to lessen the chance of security problems, while still providing essential authorized services.
  • Scanning for specific firewall vulnerabilities that have been found within the last 18 months.
  • Scanning for open service vulnerabilities that have been found within the last 18 months.
  • Scanning of 65,535 available ports on identifiable public IP addresses.
  • Validation of suitability for questionable open ports.
  • A comprehensive assessment report that outlines discovered vulnerabilities and remediation steps.

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