Edge: Intrusion Prevention and Network Security

Small Business Internet Protection | Waypoint

We all depend on Internet communication for day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, access to the outside world can leave our own internal resources–data, software, and hardware–open to attack. It’s critical to protect your company because spam, scams, hackers, and virus creators are creative, determined, and ubiquitous.

Ultimate Cyber Security

Think of SecurePoint Edge, our small business Internet Protection offering, as your gate guard, patrolling your company’s perimeter 24 hours a day for threats and annihilating them before they can get in. SecurePoint Edge stays ahead of the enemy so you don’t have to worry.

  • Keep your confidential company information–confidential
  • Prevent cyber attacks
  • Reduce IT resources requirements by eliminating unnecessary bandwidth usage
  • Enjoy the best cost-to-value ratio in the industry

What sets this solution apart is adaptive technology that adjusts to the ever-growing array of potential malicious attacks. We proactively:

  • Provide remote firewall protection with SMTP lockdown to stop unauthorized invasions before they can begin
  • Block, on average, 98% of all inbound spam, with zero false positives
  • Scan emails and attachments for viruses, worms, malicious content, and other junk before ever reaching your local network or the end user
  • Capture all non-text image files and other obfuscation techniques

Risk Free and Easy

SecurePoint Edge comes with a powerful, simple to use Web-based administration tool, real-time reporting of message flow with full statistics and averages, and stealth deployment options for risk-free and easy evaluations.

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