Waypoint doesn’t just offer simplified anti-virus solutions that will get you by. We offer superior solutions that will keep you stay protected against even the most dangerous security threats. Our highly-effective solution deploys DyVax, which is an approach that is radically different to anti-virus filtration, which totally eliminates the need for static signatures by using a range of dynamic filtering techniques.

What is Dynamic Filtering and How Can it Help?

In essence, dynamic filtering is when there is absolutely no window of vulnerability. This means that malicious attacks and new viruses are 100% prevented before they are ever even written. When choosing Waypoint as your anti-virus solution provider, you are ensuring that your users are fully secure in every way. Your company can have complete peace of mind in knowing that viruses will be destroyed automatically.

Our Anti-Virus Solutions Are Far Superior to Others

DyVax is the most powerful solution available, and we guarantee that you will get an ultimate level of protection when our proprietary inspection engine is used. It will filter all email traffic, executive files, and Microsoft Office files, to identify any malicious traffic that may be present. In addition, DyVax serves as a powerful vaccine for malware, by proactively defending user servers, workstations, and networks against malicious threats. If you want the ultimate, unparalleled and first true zero day threat protection solution in the industry, then DyVax will exceed your expectations in every way.

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Waypoint can provide the expert email and internet anti-virus protection that your company needs to take security protection to the next level. Get in touch with one of our representatives today to discuss your options, or to get a quote for services. You will always be in good hands when you choose Waypoint as your anti-virus protection provider of choice.