Small Business Cyber Security Includes Careful Email Practices

Small Business Cyber Security Includes Careful Email Practices

The threats to business data security are expanding every day. Not only is internal company data threatened, but so is stored information about clients, including account numbers, passwords and other sensitive information. While much of the data can be protected, other information remains under threat from a variety of sources. Company email, for example, remains one of the most vulnerable areas for data loss.

To reduce the potential for data loss through company email, IT support personnel recommend that all businesses take steps to achieve a secure business email system. Accomplishing that goal is not a simple process, as there are several vulnerabilities that must be addressed in the process. There are three basic areas where experts agree actions must be taken.

1. Establish and Enforce Email Rules.

Small Business cyber security experts suggest that all companies must start by establishing strict procedures for email usage. Email remains the most important communication tool most companies have, but there must be rules established to minimize cyber security issues. Rules generally include opening only specific types of attachments, limiting the size of attachments and placing limits on the type of sites employees may visit and communicate with while using company computers.

2. Use techniques to limit the potential for data loss through email.

IT support personnel routinely suggest that company email be encrypted to prevent unauthorized individuals from intercepting the messages. That step alone reduces the potential for data loss during the email process. Of course business IT Security professionals work with companies to integrate other steps as needed to meet specific company needs.

3. Take steps to eliminate malware.

Malware often creates significant issues for companies, as the software reduces over-all security and offers an easy way into company systems for a variety of different attacks that can lead to data losses and corrupted files. The costs of failing to address malware can be significant, suggesting that regular monitoring or company systems is critical.

Many companies, unable to afford the level of in-house expertise needed to protect their systems, have determined that managed IT are both efficient and affordable in the battle to protect company data. The experts know and understand the threats present, and work with client companies to establish systems to protect email and other data from damage or loss.Check out the complete list of Waypoint IT Services

Posted on: 06.25.14