Small Business IT Services Can Help Keep Data Secure

The past few years have demonstrated how much of a problem security can be for companies of all sizes. Some of the largest retailers in the United States have had to announce that they experienced data breaches that touched not just their own data, but also private financial information about their customers. While large corporations are very valuable targets, smaller companies can’t afford to assume that they would never attract the attention of cyber criminals. Paying for small business IT services rather than trying to handle everything internally is the best option in most cases.

Even organizations with a tremendous amount of money available to hire internal security teams and to buy the right tools have experienced data theft. This shows what a difficult problem computer security is, even for people who specialize in it. It’s clearly very dangerous, then, to try to rely on general information technology staff to supply the security for any important information. Small businesses have the advantage of being less valuable as a target, but this doesn’t help very much if they’re also a very easy target. By using managed IT services from a company that does have security specialists on staff, small operations can get the benefits of a highly skilled staff without having to make the significant investment of assembling their own team.

Managed service companies are also generally able to provide superior IT support compared to what most small businesses can manage on their own. Since their entire operation revolves around making sure that information technology resources are available for their clients, they can afford to invest in steps like having someone on duty at all times of the day and night to monitor systems and to answer questions or address issues as they arise.

Companies of all sizes now rely heavily on computers to operate. Whether you’re just using a website as a way of providing information to customers, or you have computerized order tracking and payment systems, it’s important to think about how to maintain and to protect those resources so that they continue working for you. Customers are nervous about identity theft, and a single data breach can send them looking for somewhere else to get what they need. Protect your company’s critical digital assets and its reputation by getting your IT from people who have the skills to guard against online threats.


Posted on: 07.19.14