Some of the biggest tech failures of 2013

The past year was not without its major tech disasters. And the Telegraph newspaper wasn’t shy about trumpeting them. In its year-end look into the biggest tech failures of 2013, the Telegraph focused on three miscues that really showed how tech can backfire when it’s not properly tested or monitored.

A healthcare fiasco

Topping their list, as expected, was the federal government’s, the website center of the new health-insurance program. As everyone knows by now, the rollout of the website was a disaster. The page wouldn’t load. And when consumers were lucky enough to log onto the site, they learned that they couldn’t find necessary insurance information. The website rollout was such a disaster, it tarred the entire government healthcare initiative with a unfavorable reputation.

Travel foul-up

Online travel booking site Sabre had a rough 2013, too. The site crashed for three hours last year at the height of the student travel season. This left thousands of passengers stranded at airports throughout the country, and created countless flight cancellations. And just think, the site went offline for only three hours.


Walmart’s website in October seemed to offer huge bargains: Computer equipment worth $500 offered for just $8.99. Of course, consumers snapped up the offer. One problem: It was an IT mistake. Walmart didn’t honor the discount prices. Its shareholders were happy. But, as the Telegraph says, its customers were not, and they weren’t shy about sharing this on social media.

Posted on: 02.21.14