Some Smartphone Habits Are Annoying

Smartphones do a lot for us. We use them to find the way to places, keep up with our mail and our social media, and they even amuse us. They do more then that though. They often frustrate people around you. This isn’t something inherent in smartphones, but it exists in the users themselves. Here are a few annoying habits that lots of users develop. Are you guilty of any of these? If so, you may want to be more aware of yourself and the way you use your smartphone.

Texting and driving

This is not only aggravating, it can also be deadly. Although this is illegal in most states, plenty of people still insist upon doing it. If you find that you are guilty of this, consider the consequences of your actions. Not only could you get in an accident, which could put a damper on your day, but you could also hurt yourself and others. So, it is very beneficial to resist texting while driving.

Paying more attention to your phone than your friends

Smartphones are fantastic tools. They’re like miniature computers that you can hold in your hands, but they’re not more interesting than your friends or family members, are they? Many people are so hooked on their smartphones that they’ll text messages, read emails, and scan the news while sitting at lunch with their friends. Or they’ll download a new ring tone while communicating with family members at the dinner table. This isn’t unsafe behavior, but it is extremely annoying. No one wants to play second fiddle to your cell phone. Look at your stocks when you’re alone.

Noisy keyboards

When you navigate through your phone or type does it make little clicking sounds or beeps? You may not notice this, but it is probably aggravating the people around you. When you are waiting in line at the grocery store and texting your friend, the people around you don’t want to hear the clicks of your fingers moving across the keys. It is easy to turn this off for the comfort of those who are around you.


Posted on: 10.05.12