The Benefits of Encouraging Creativity in the Workplace

Do your employees communicate their ideas and views? Do they come to you with ways to increase efficiency or new revolutionary marketing ideas?

If not, then you might be operating a workplace in which employee creativity is being squelched. Today a lack of creativity in your company can condemn your firm to second-tier status. It may even lead your company out of business.

Creative employees typically come up with key ideas for better promoting your products, boosting the functionality of the company website, bettering production efficiencies, and shaving dollars off your monthly expenses. However, employees won’t exercise their creativity if you do not first inspire them to do so.

The best way to foster creativity is to actually encourage your employees to come up with new ideas and then to listen to these ideas when employees bring them to you. Send out an email blast asking employees for ideas to better your company’s products or . Post a notice on the bulletin board asking for suggestions on how to enhance the company blog or increase its customer-approval ratings. And then, when employees answer these calls, meet with them—even if it’s during a quick phone call—to go over their thoughts. You don’t have to apply all employee ideas, obviously, but to show respect, you should pay attention to them all.

If you presume that your employees do not have good ideas, then you may be missing out. In addition, not listening to them, or dismissing ideas will motivate your employees to do the bare minimum. You will end up with a bunch of people working for the weekend.

One more great way to inspire creativity is to compensate strong ideas. This could be financial or simply pointing out their innovation to the rest of the company.

Most employees want to be innovative. Most have ideas on how to enhance their places of work. However, in too many work environments, creativity simply isn’t encouraged. Break this trend, and encourage your workers to really think about their company. The rewards you receive could be astounding.

Posted on: 03.16.12