The cult of Evernote?

Can a cult develop around an organization app? If it’s Evernote, the five-year-old note-taking and organization application that’s growing with incredible speed, the answer is an absolute “yes.” Evernote has drawn an expanding base of devoted fans, fans happy to spread the word about this application for free, fans that may never think of using any other note-taking software, according to an interesting feature recently run by BloombergBusinessweek.

Devoted fans

The BloombergBusinessweek story makes a persuading case that a real cult continues to grow around Evernote. This might seem odd; after all, Evernote is just an organizing app. It’s a very effective and efficient organizing app. But apps that don’t involve angry birds or farms don’t usually attract such dedicated and vocal followers. Nevertheless Evernote has, with its fans voluntarily promoting this software and recommending it to others. Have a look at tech forums, and you’ll undoubtedly find messages from users praising this app.

Why the praise?

Why so much admiration for what is, basically, a simple note-taking application? The key might be in the way Evernote allows us to manage ever more busy lives. With Evernote, users can enter a note, image, Web page, video or audio recording into one column, save it in a notebook in another and search for it in a third. And devotees of Evernote praise the app’s search function. It even lets you search for words embedded in images. With this simple set-up, then, it’s an easy task to search for upcoming meetings, phone calls, anniversaries and your son’s violin recital.

Why the popularity?

In the story, Libin says that he doesn’t understand the concept of work/life balance. For home, work is part of life, and something that he enjoys doing. It’s why he admits to checking e-mail messages late into the evening. Evernote takes advantage of this evolving view of the world, one embraced by not just Libin. A growing number of consumers work on the fly, scheduling meetings and interviews around the clock. An organizing program like Evernote is the perfect fit for this lifestyle. Which just might explain why the app has grown to be so popular so quickly.

Posted on: 05.30.14