The essentials every business website needs

Is your business’ website turning away customers? Are customers logging on to your website only to abandon your online home because they can’t find what they want? If so, you may need a website upgrade. Remember, the only thing worse than not having a website for your small business is running a website that is actually turning off your visitors.

Help is on the way

Fortunately, Entrepreneur Magazine recently ran a feature story outlining the essential elements that every business website needs. Follow the magazine’s tips, and you’ll be certain that your business’ website isn’t costing you sales. For example, Entrepreneur says that your website should include a clear description of what your business is, exactly what it does and who it serves. As the story says, you need to sum up your services on the homepage, where every visitor can immediately see them.

Not hard to find

Entrepreneur next advises that you don’t make your site difficult to find. You can do this by choosing a domain name that makes sense. If your business is Sue’s Beauty Shop, try for the domain name Should you have to resort to, you might find that your customers can’t find your site. To make your domain name easy to remember, don’t use dashes or numbers in it.

A clear map

You should also be sure that your site is easy to navigate. Entrepreneur states that your site should have easy to find links and a site map. The site map should provide a short path to your site’s most significant pages.

Posted on: 07.05.13