The Future Of Charging Our Devices

As the world relies more and more on mobile devices, our necessity for new ways to charge batteries gets to be more pressing. That is why inventors today work to create clothing that does more than keeps you warm; it can also charge your devices! This was highlighted in a recent
story in Mashable. It discusses a number of different clothing and textile items that double as chargers. We discuss a few below.

Rain Boots that Charge Your Phone

A British mobile carrier called Orange partnered with GotWind to build some rain boots that can be used to change phones. They were unveiled at the Glastonbury Music Festival and were just a prototype. They did get mobile users excited and perhaps this will be a hint of the technologies to come.

Military Tech

The military is usually coming up with innovative technologies and this holds true for charging technology too. The military is currently using a product developed by Intellectual Textiles. It is pieces of fabric that are sewn into vests, shirts, and helmets. Essentially, it charges one battery at a time. Then the power from that battery is transferred to whatever device needs to be charged through the clothing.

The Most Advanced Felt in the World

Another intriguing material that is getting developed for the same purpose is named Power Felt. Scientists at the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials at Wake Forest University are presently working on this and it sounds like something out of a science fiction novel. Power Felt is a thermoelectric device that can turn body heat into electric current. The electricity can then be used to charge any device.

Again, much of this seems like something you’d see in a science-fiction movie, but the technology behind power fashion is advancing quickly. It may not be long before that “10 percent battery power” signal no longer sends us into fits of panic.

Posted on: 09.21.12