The impact of NSA snooping on tech firms

Is NSA spying harming business? The leaders of the biggest technology firms in the United States certainly think so. And they weren’t shy about sharing their feelings with the Pres. Obama during a recent meeting at the White House. The Washington Post recently talked about this meeting. What’d they find? Tech leaders claim that NSA spying revelations are harming the entire economy.

The meeting

Leaders from Cisco Systems, as an illustration, told the president that they are seeing customers stay away from American-branded technology because they’re concerned with NSA spying, the Post reported. And companies such as IBM, AT&T and Verizon declared that shareholders are angry and concerned that these companies might have participated in NSA intelligence programs.

What they want

The tech leaders also had some suggestions for Pres. Obama. They requested that the president place limits on how much spying NSA can do. And in addition they requested that tech companies be provided with more details about what kind of surveillance the government is doing.

Moving forward

The Post story said that Obama told the tech companies that he understood their concerns and that he would keep them in mind as the White House completed its review of NSA surveillance programs. Tech companies are important to the U.S. economy. They’ve predominantly led the country’s slow but steady economic recovery. It makes sense, then, for the White House to do what it can to keep these firms happy.

Posted on: 02.19.14