The most important small business tech trends for 2014

A new year has begun, have you made any updates in your small business’ technology? If not, you might be costing your company money. All things considered, technology can help your employees work more efficiently. That, in turn, could make your business more profitable in 2014. recently took a look at some of the more interesting business-technology trends for 2014. It’s worth looking at these to find out how you can boost your company’s productivity levels this year.

The cloud matters is predicting that 2014 is the year that more small business owners turn to the cloud to store their company’s data, programs and software. That makes financial sense: Why should you go to the expense of storing these files on hard drives on your company’s computers? With the cloud, your business won’t need as much IT help. And you won’t need to take the time to store programs on every single computer.

Using big data

You may think that big data is only for big companies. You would be wrong, though. SmallBusinessComputing predicts that 2014 might be the year in which small business owners finally take full advantage of big data analytics to better understand their customers and their needs. This is something your small business should look into, too. If you know more about your customers, you can supply them better service, something that will, ultimately, boost your business’ bottom line.

The end of desktops?

Small business owners need to save as much money as possible. One way? It’s time to get rid of the desktop computer. Most employees these days can do their work on smaller mobile devices or laptops. There’s no reason for small businesses to put a desktop computer on the desk of each and every employee. anticipates that more businesses will adopt this strategy in 2014.

Posted on: 03.12.14