The Online World: The New Face of Business

The face of business is changing, it wasn’t long ago that the easiest way to get your name out was to work with an ad agency, get a billboard, or simply go door to door introducing your company to prospective clients. Now with the plethora of options open to consumers and the ease at which they can acquire or items business have had to modify their approach to selling. When there were less options, and local stores had cornered the market in their industry, selling was just that, selling. People needed something they came to your store because you sold it. With all the options open to people now businesses have to come up with creative ways to be appealing, reach a wider market, and give consumers reasons to choose them as the company they want to work with. Here are some ways companies can achieve this.

Becoming Mobile

Mobile devices are hardly rare now-a-days, people carry them to make their lives easier by staying connected to their business and personal life when they are on the go. Because of this many small-business owners decide to create mobile sites. These sites retain the branding that the company wants but allows for faster, easier navigation on a mobile device. Developing a mobile site makes your company more available to consumers.

Social Sites

Social sites, like Myspace, started off just social. However when Facebook came about it had a far more utilitarian interface and business caught the social site bug. Nearly every business you can find has a Facebook page. Social sites allow companies to share fun and interesting content that is relevant to their industry with potential customers, which creates an online community. Recently Google unveiled its business pages. This walk-though will illustrate how to setup a Google business page. Social sites enable such a noninvasive interaction between business and consumer I see the future of social sites as all business.

On-line Education

Providing something educational for prospective clients is a great way to develop trust. A couple of ways companies can do this is through webinars and blogs. You have probably noticed the growing popularity of blogs. Companies can stand out from their competitors by showing their in depth knowledge in their field with on-line education.

While we still see store fronts and most of us like to visit a local shop and meet the owner who is working behind the counter we can’t deny that the face of business is more Web facing then street. Being conscious of this and knowing why this is will make us both a more informed consumer and/or business owner. This article has some great reasons behind having an on-line presence.

Posted on: 11.11.11