The real truth about new tech’s impact

The arrival of a new technology always comes with plenty of excitement. And why not? We always picture how new technology can change not only our lives but the world, too. Nevertheless, most new technology has a smaller impact on the world than we hope. That’s the unhappy truth about new technology: Regardless of how cool it is, it hardly ever changes our world dramatically.

Reality vs. hype

The website Gizmodo recently ran a article on the hype that predictably accompanies new technology. As the story says, the advent of new tech is frequently covered with breathless prose saying that the new product will transform our lives, make us more empathetic or create a more efficient and peaceful world. Sadly, as the Gizmodo story says, most new tech does little of this.


The fact is, almost all new technology only creates minor changes. The arrival of Facebook and Twitter, after all, changed the way a lot of us communicate with family and friends. Nonetheless it certainly didn’t alter the world. And that’s the point of the Gizmodo story: New technology has the power to make small changes in the lives of individuals. But it rarely changes the way the world operates.

One thing never changes

However, Gizmodo does offer one universal truth about technology, though the story does so in a tongue-in-cheek way. Based on the story, no matter what new tech appears, teens will use it to boost their sex lives. Gizmodo, though, gives parents some advice: These same teens would try everything in their power to have sex whether or not the new technology popped up on the scene.

Posted on: 01.08.14