The work-time nap can make you a better employee

Feeling rundown before the end of your workday? A power nap may be the ticket. Writer Melanie Pinola, in a recent feature for the Lifehacker Web site, covered the benefits that short naps can have for workers struggling to make it through the workday. You might be able to use Pinola’s research to argue for your very own workday snoozes.

10 to 20 Minutes

Sometimes a short nap will do wonders for your mind. Pinola writes that a quick nap of just 10 to 20 minutes can make you more alert and focused.

The Wrong Choice

There are many naps that don’t work though. Pinola writes that the 30-minute nap is not long enough nor short enough to get results for workers. The reason? You may feel groggy for as long as 30 minutes after waking up.

The Best Choice?

The 60-minute nap, however, will help you remember facts, faces and names, Pinola writes. This length of nap includes slow-wave sleep, the deepest type of sleep you can experience. Of course, getting the boss to approve a 60-minute nap in the middle of the workday might prove a nightmare.

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Posted on: 10.09.13