The work-time nap is actually a good thing

Want to become a more productive employee? It’s time for a nap. Of course, have it approved by your boss first; you don’t want to suddenly become unemployed after catching some shuteye. But Lifehacker writer Melanie Pinola in a recent feature story took a closer look at the productivity benefits associated with work-time napping. You may be surprised at how a quick nap can boost your energy and brainpower.

10 to 20 Minutes

A power nap of 10 to 20 minutes can supply you with a boost in performance and energy, Pinola writes. And since this is a lighter nap, you can more easily jump back into action once this snooze is over.

30 Minutes

There are some naps that don’t work though. Pinola writes that the 30-minute nap is not long enough nor short enough to get results for workers. The reason why? You might feel groggy for up to 30 minutes afterwards.

The Best Choice?

The 60-minute nap, however, can help you remember facts, faces and names, Pinola writes. This length of nap includes slow-wave sleep, the deepest type of sleep you can have. Needless to say, getting your boss to approve a 60-minute nap in the heart of the workday might be a nightmare.

Posted on: 07.09.14