These tech tips will boost your efficiency

It’s challenging to run a successful small business today. You face much larger competitors and a still-struggling economy that makes your customers think carefully before spending some of their hard-earned dollars. But you can gain an advantage on your competition by utilizing technology more efficiently. As the Website states, if you use tech more efficiently, you and your employees are more productive. Additionally, the site provides three good tips for accomplishing this.

The right passwords

Hackers can wreak havoc on your small business. The right passwords, though, can keep these cyber criminals at bay. advises that you create passwords that are at least eight characters in length. The site adds that you need to include symbols, numbers and both upper- and lowercase letters in your passwords. And, obviously, don’t use passes such as “password” or “1234.”

Keep your passwords out of harm’s way

Once you’ve created solid passwords, don’t make the mistake of simply writing them on a scrap of paper or saving them in a doc. If you do, your passwords might end up in the hands of the wrong person. Instead, rely on storage sites such as DashLane or LastPass to keep your passwords within easy reach of you but protected from hackers.

Keep your computer fast

Is your older computer slowing down? TechnologySchools offers some advice on how to provide it a speed boost. The site suggests that every month you delete old files, eliminate unnecessary programs and defragment your hard drive. Finally, you should execute a registry scan to discover and erase corrupted or damaged files.

Posted on: 07.24.14