Tips for Monitoring Your Social Media Channels

Tips for Monitoring Your Social Media Channels

Social media happens in the blink of an eye. Word travels so fast that you might go to bed feeling wonderful and awaken to a firestorm. This can be certainly apt to be true if you are not in the habit of routinely monitoring your social media channels. Keeping track of the conversations about you and/or your brand online can be much more than just a reputation management best practice. Focus on those in search of information early in the sales process could lead to a significant increase in conversions. Primarily, however, this is about creating a buffer between trouble and you. Heading the bad news off at the pass is the objective here, and there are a handful of quite simple methods to manage this, which of course is everyone’s fear. It doesn’t need to take all day, as shown in this HubSpot article.

How to keep up with your social media online

  • Use available tools such as TweetDeck or HootSuite to monitor social media mentions of on several platforms. They are easy to configure, and allow you to see quickly a broad overview of what’s going on across your social channels.
  • Since Google has recently decided to end Google Reader and Google Alerts seems to be broken, marketers who have relied on these useful are left scrambling to find viable alternatives to get and read newsfeeds. A few you can consider are NewsBlur, AOL Reader and for mobile, Flipboard. For Google Alerts try TalkWalker or Social Mention.
  • Scan for questions or comments on your blog, social networks, videos, and your Facebook pages. Answer anything important, particularly those that are unhappy or confused about your products or services. This can head off tons of trouble!

However you decide to do it, be sure you actually carve out the time in your hectic schedule to make this happen every day. Unsatisfied customers and unresolved issues will fester and turn into major headaches if you allow them to. Moreover, this type of problem will often take on a life of its own, magnifying what started out as a small fire into a major conflagration! Don’t let this happen to you!

Posted on: 09.19.14