Transfer Files With Ease Using Bump

Thanks to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, sharing pictures and info has become easier than ever. Still, people are trying to find even more convenient ways to share stuff. In response to this desire, iTunes offers the Bump app.

No more emails

Bump permits you to forgo the old method of emailing your friends and family photos and files. Rather you can immediately transfer contact details, music, or photos by literally bumping your phone against another phone.

Living up to its name

To exchange files using Bump all you have to do is literally “bump” your phone against another phone. First you have to open the app and choose the files you would like to transfer. Touch your phone to another phone and bump your hands together. The app does the rest of the work and instantaneously transfers the files over.

You also can use Bump with your computer. You select “photos” or whatever option you would like and tap your phone against your computer’s spacebar. Bump will then immediately transfer whatever files you have chosen to your computer.

A popular app

Bump has become more and more popular. After its update in June it’s been downloaded more than 90 million times. Bump is available for both iPhone and Android phones. Should you want to make transferring files to your friends and coworkers, or just to your home computer less difficult, take a look at Bump.


Posted on: 08.15.12