Turn your iPad into a PC – sort of – with remote-access apps

Ever needed to access your PC or laptop while you were on the road? Ever needed that particular special file from your desktop pc while you were on the opposite side of the country from it? With your iPad plus a remote-access app, you’re able to access your desktop or laptop computer wherever it is or you are. As the name suggests, these apps allow you to make use of your iPad to take command over your desktop or laptop. Once you’ve gained this control, it’s easy to open files, explore folders, access contact lists and, in some instances, watch movies or videos that you’ve saved on your Home computer or laptop. The best news? There are numerous remote-access apps available. While remotely managing your PC isn’t quite as smooth an experience as using it in person, these applications will help out in an emergency.

GoToMyPC: Citrix, the company behind GoToMyPC, is a veteran of the remote-access business. In fact, GoToMyPC is older than the iPad itself. Consequently GoToMyPC has ironed out the bugs typically regarding remote access. This is why the service earned a very good review recently from PC Magazine, whose editors praised this particular service for its ease of use and intuitive controls. As the name suggests, iPad users – with an app – can remotely access their desktop and laptop computers using this application. They can open Word documents, access Excel spreadsheets and comb through the contact lists stored in their remote computers. Really the only negative? The cost. This can be a fairly pricy service, costing, generally, $9.95 a month or $99 a year. If you are a more typical iPad user who’s not on the road too frequently, you might prefer one of the lower-priced remote-access applications available.

SplashTop Remote Desktop: The SplashTop Remote Desktop has been a top choice for iPad users. That’s because the product, as recently rated by CNet writer Matt Elliott, is not difficult to install and use. Additionally, it is fairly economical, costing just $4.99. It also lets you stream both video and audio, something which other remote-desktop apps don’t.

LogMeIn Ignition: Elliott also tested LogMeIn Ignition and gave it good reviews. It’s a bit more expensive than is SplashTop Remote Desktop. But it also includes a feature that may justify the additional price for business users: You can use this application to remotely wake a sleeping or shut-off PC, a job other remote-access apps can’t do. You can also use this app to copy or move files from your remote PC to the iPad, another feature that other remote-access apps can’t duplicate.</p

Posted on: 06.18.14