Turn your iPad into a PC – sort of – with remote-access apps

Working out of the office is often frustrating–especially when you need to access a key file on your desktop computer and that pc sits many hundreds of miles away. Fortunately, iPad owners can access several apps that enable them to remotely connect to the files and information in their laptops and personal computers, no matter how distant from them they might be. Termed remote-access programs, these tools come in a wide variety of prices. Additionally, they target numerous types of iPad users, from those concentrating on business to people who’re interested in watching movies and listening to music. Here’s a quick look at three of the best remote-access apps available today for iPad users.

GoToMyPC: Citrix, the organization behind GoToMyPC, is a veteran of the remote-access business. In reality, GoToMyPC is older than the iPad itself. This means that GoToMyPC has ironed out the bugs typically regarding remote access. This is the reason the service earned a very good review recently from PC Magazine, whose editors praised the service for its usability and intuitive controls. As the name suggests, iPad users – with an app – can remotely access their desktop and laptops with this application. They’re able to open Word documents, access Excel spreadsheets and comb through the contact lists stored on their remote computers. The sole negative? The cost. This can be a fairly pricy service, costing, generally, $9.95 a month or $99 a year. If you are a more informal iPad user who’s and not on the road too frequently, you may prefer one of the lower-priced remote-access apps available.

SplashTop Remote Desktop: SplashTop Remote Desktop qualifies among those lower-priced applications, costing just $4.99. According to a recent review by CNET, that price is a bargain. CNET’s editors praised SplashTop as user friendly and effective. Additionally, they cited its capability to recover movies and music stored on your remote computers. This is a service that most other remote-access apps can’t handle.

LogMeIn Ignition: Elliott also tested LogMeIn Ignition and gave it good reviews. It is a bit costlier than is SplashTop Remote Desktop. But it also comes with a feature that may justify the extra price tag for business users: You can use this application to remotely wake a sleeping or shut-off PC, something other remote-access apps can’t do. It’s also possible to use this app to copy or move files from a remote computer to your iPad, another feature that other remote-access apps can’t duplicate.

Posted on: 02.06.13