Utilize Filters to Minimize Spam

Tired of going through countless spam email messages each time you examine your inbox? The good news is that you don’t have to put up with spam. You can take many simple measures to kick it out of your email inbox and life. We have laid out some of the ways below.

The Power of Filters

First, you could build a whitelist filter. Many email provide users with filtering options. You can use these options to create filters that leave crucial email messages untouched while sending everything else into a secondary, less-important email folder. With the judicious use of filters, you can send email messages from specific senders to your main inbox. Those coming from other users – the ones that you do not think are quite as important – will conveniently be shuttled to other folders. You can then check these messages at your leisure.

A More Subtle Serving of Spam

You might not have heard of the less in-your-face type of spam called bacn. This kind of spam includes emails like catalogs and coupons. Generally they are things you opted into at some point but you no longer want to receive.

One great way to handle these emails is to create a filter that isolates all emails that have the word “unsubscribe” in it. This works because every email that you can opt into should have an unsubscribe option in it. Of course you can always manually unsubscribe from these emails, but that is very time consuming.

These two ways of using filters will clean up your inbox. Instead of having to go through your inbox on a daily basis, spend a few minutes and set up these filters. It’ll make your life easier in the end.


Posted on: 06.27.12