Video games aren’t always fun

Don’t all of us work plenty of hours? Then why do so many of us get home from the office and then play video games that seem so much like work? PCWorld recently explored this phenomenon, putting together a list of the best video games that feel a lot like work.


SimCity is an amazing game, enabling you to build and run your own metropolis. Nevertheless, you might be astonished at what a grind running a city is. In SimCity, you need to stress about zoning decisions, creating utilities, building roads, drawing tourists and ensuring the garbage is picked up on time. And, yes, nobody is ever satisfied with the job you do.

A war game that feels like the office

World of Warcraft is another hugely popular game. It is also one which involves lots of work. As PCWorld says, you will have to choose a career, follow orders and do it again and again. Everyone in World of Warcraft has a job to perform. And if you don’t do yours? You’ll never earn enough points for the genuine fun stuff in the game.

Cart Life

Cart Life is that most unique game that enables you to relive all the stress and dull routine of daily life, only now you’re calling it a game. In Cart Life, you can play either as a single mom working as a barista, a flustered newsstand operator or a hectic baker. None of the options are much fun, and each demands you to balance daily demands with making enough money to earn the rent and pay bills each month.

Posted on: 12.06.13