Want Quickoffice for free? Now’s your chance

You want to view Microsoft Office documents on your Android phone or tablet. But the apps that let you do this aren’t cheap. Well, not any more. As MSPmentor writer CJ Arlotta says, Google is presently offering its Quickoffice app – which allows you to view and edit Office documents on Android devices – for free.

A way into Microsoft Office?

The Quickoffice app was formerly offered only to Google Apps for Business users. That’s now changed, with everyone able to download the app totally free. The app allows users to read and edit Office documents on everything from their iPads to their Android-fueled smartphones.


Arlotta’s story cites a comment from one of Google’s vice presidents who stated that all users like “free stuff.” And that’s why Google made the Quickoffice app available. Others, though, ponder whether Google has more business-like reasons: Offering Quickoffice for free might give Google its chance to break into the money-making world of Microsoft Office.


Getting Quickoffice Light is easy: Simply visit either the App store or the Google Play store. You can then download the app free of charge. To use the program, though, you’ll have to either sign in or create a new Google account.

Posted on: 11.04.13