Ways Your Website May Be Costing You Sales

Ways Your Website May Be Costing You Sales

It’s tough enough to get traffic and develop a workable sales funnel. Don’t make it more difficult by shooting yourself in the foot with a dysfunctional and totally inefficient website. Small business websites are especially vulnerable to these types of mistakes, as they may not have the technical expertise of larger businesses available to make sure they are thoroughly functional. Toward that end, here are some tips to help you make your site appealing and functional to your visitors, and ultimately end in more sales and conversions.

7 Tips for a Better Converting Site

  1. Fresh Content – Nothing screams “Let me out of here!” like content that hasn’t been updated since 2010. Updating your sites’ content doesn’t just help you with sales and conversion, but with search rankings as well. This is applicable to products or courses that are no longer available as well. Take them down.
  2. Lousy website navigation – Make sure that any visitor to your pages can navigate your website effortlessly and efficiently. Have a link to your home page from every last page. If you make it difficult to get around, they just will not even try.
  3. Boring pages – Make sure you use white space liberally. Split up long chunks of text into digestible pieces, and make good use of sub-headlines. (also a search benefit) Don’t litter your site with ads, since this is another guaranteed way to send visitors packing.
  4. Have a mobile version of your website – Since we are in a day and age when more than 50 percent of all of all search traffic comes from a mobile device, wouldn’t it be smart to have a mobile version? Just sayin…
  5. Too Much Flash – There are two major problems with Flash. To put it simply, cram enough of it on your page and it’ll take eons to load. Also, Google has a hard time indexing flash.
  6. Broken Links – If you have broken links that don’t get the visitor where they wish to go, they just go elsewhere!
  7. Calls to Action – Probably the number one conversion killer is not having strong and effective calls to action, and in most cases more than one!

This short list will get you going on the right track to improved sales and conversions, as well as search rankings!

Posted on: 09.12.14