What does $38 buy in a tablet?

How cheap can tablets get? Pretty cheap, if Datawind’s new Ubislate 7Ci is the new standard. This new tablet isn’t the most remarkable. It’s rather a bit sluggish. But the Ubislate 7Ci does have one advantage: It’s only $38. Time Magazine recently looked at this newest budget tablet. What did it discover? That you can’t expect much from a $38 tablet.

The bottom

Tablet makers are already involved in a protracted price war. The goal? To get at the cash of the country’s more budget-minded consumers. The economy might be improving across the country. But it’s not improving quickly. And many customers are still looking at tight budgets at home. Business owners, too, are looking to save money when it comes to tech purchases.


It seems odd to ask if the Ubislate 7Ci is worth the money. It only costs $38. But Time’s review says that the tablet performs about as well as you’d think a $38 tablet would perform. It doesn’t provide much storage. Its viewing angles are suspect. Its battery dies too rapidly. And its performance is certainly slow.

But that price

Of course, that $38 price tag is still impressive. Time admitted that much in its review. And if you are budget-savvy consumer or business owner, Datawind’s move is great news. This tablet may not be the right one for you. But the existence of the Ubislate 7Ci does prove one thing: Budget tablets are only going to get more affordable. You don’t need to pay a small fortune to buy a tablet any longer.

Posted on: 02.14.14