What features should all smartwatches have?

Smartwatches are generating a lot of press these days. The Samsung Galaxy gear smartwatch has already been strapped to some consumers’ wrists. Rumors say that Apple is set on developing its own smartwatch, the iWatch. But what features should a smartwatch ultimately incorporate?

Sensory Powers

Thomas Claburn, an editor with InformationWeek, has some suggestions. In a recent column, he wrote that smartwatches must be sensitive to their surroundings. This means that they need to be able to read the temperature, scan our bodies’ vital signs and even tell us how far we are from the bus stop.


Easy charging is very important, too. Claburn says that consumers should be able to charge smartwatches just by setting them on a charging plate, sparing all of us a mess of cords. A far better thought: Smartwatches should charge themselves while you walk.


Finally, Claburn states that smartwatches should be affordable. That really isn’t the situation today. As Claburn writes, the Samsung Gear costs $299. That’s way too much for a smartwatch.

Posted on: 10.02.13