What is your business’ cybersecurity plan?

Here’s a noteworthy fact: In 2012, companies with one to 250 employees — what most people typically think of as small businesses — were the victims in more than 30 percent of all cyber attacks. Entrepreneur Magazine cites this statistic, extracted from the 2013 Internet Security Threat Report from Symantec, to demonstrate a point: Even small businesses need a cybersecurity plan.

Anti-Virus Software Matters

The Entrepreneur story says that the first thing in any cybersecurity plan is anti-virus software. This software is critical for small business owners. Anti-virus software isn’t perfect, and particularly clever viruses can slip past it, but companies that don’t have any anti-virus protection are setting themselves up for a extensive hack.

Suspicious E-mails

Many company hacks start with employees inadvertently opening suspicious e-mail messages. That is why, Entrepreneur suggests that small business owners regularly remind their employees to delete any suspicious e-mail messages, even if they may be supposedly originating from people they know. Businesses need to emphasize to employees, to not click links that they find after opening suspicious e-mail messages.

Protect Yourself

Entrepreneur also recommends that small businesses use firewalls to secure their inbound and outbound network traffic. Firewalls can keep hackers from making use of a small business’ network. Firewalls can also block employees from accessing potentially dangerous Web sites.

Posted on: 06.05.13