Which Browser Fits Your Personality

There are several different web browsers available nowadays for people to choose from. This list includes browsers like Opera, Chrome, Firefox, and classic Explorer. What is it that makes someone choose one over another? Does your choice in browsers say something about your character? Blogthings.com thinks so.

Different Key Strokes for Different Folks

According to the article, if you’re a Chrome user you are more willing to try new things. Even when these new things aren’t fully tested, you jump in with both feet.

So, how about Firefox? Blogthings thinks you are a rebel and untamed. Then there is Internet Explorer. If you use this browser, you’re more down-to-earth. The article states that Opera users think outside the box and are very adaptive people.

Explorer Still Number One

In the end, no matter what browser you utilize, and what that may or may not say about you, Internet Explorer continues to be the more popular. The website W3Counter says that Explorer holds a market share of 28.8 percent in the browser world. Chrome comes in second, with 26.4 percent. Firefox is third, with 23.3 percent, while Safari pulls up fourth with 6.2 percent. Opera ranks fifth with a market share of 2.3 percent.

Searching for the Right Browsers

The Blogthings quiz is entertaining, but a wide array of users rely on each of these browsers. Some individuals use several browser depending upon what they are using the Internet for at any given time. Our advice? Don’t just take the browser that is included with your computer. Sure, it might possibly be your favorite one. But you’ll never know this unless you try the competitors. You might find that some smaller browser out there is the perfect fit for you.

Posted on: 08.01.12