Which smartphone should you buy? It might not matter

You want to be a smart consumer. You’re willing to research before buying your next smartphone. Here’s the thing, though, not everybody thinks that this research is needed. Jesus Diaz, a writer for the lifehacker Web site, is one. He says that today’s smartphones are so similar it doesn’t matter which one you purchase for your own use.


Why? Diaz claims that today’s smartphones are so much alike that it is irrelevant what one users choose. Diaz says that users would barely see a different moving from one smartphone brand to another.

An Argument With Merit

Diaz states that all of today’s smartphones offer most of the same features: They let you browse the Internet, send e-mail messages, download apps, play music and watch movies. Most apps are available for all smartphone platforms.

Maybe Not?

But not everybody at lifehacker agrees with Diaz. Those who disagree suggest that certain smartphones feature better cameras and more robust batteries. And, despite what Diaz says, not every app is offered for each and every platform. Windows Phone users, for instance, have a much more limited app selection. Who’s right? You will need to determine that one for yourself.

Posted on: 09.10.13