Why is the U.S. falling behind in technology?

InformationWeek columnist Kevin Coleman has some not so great news for us: The United States is slowly but surely falling from its perch as the globe’s technology and science leader. Instead, Coleman writes, the country is slowly – but steadily – turning into a technology laggard.

Falling behind

According to Coleman, the United States is investing less today in the important fields of research-and-development, science and technology. The results are predictable: The United States is now credited with fewer breakthroughs in new technology. Concurrently, cyber criminals have become bolder. This mix of more cybercrimes and fewer investment dollars is adding up to a less ground breaking United States.

Not always this way

As Coleman writes, the United States has always been well known for its mastery of science and technology. Coleman states that science and technology may be the most important component of the country’s economy. The United States still spends much more than any other country on science and technology research and development, Coleman says. But this doesn’t mean that the country isn’t losing ground when it comes to tech.

Others on the move

Much of the reason is that other countries, for example China, are investing more in technology. As Coleman writes, the BBC has reported that by the end of this year the United States would no longer be the top country for scientific output. Instead, that country would be China. Coleman also cites a U.S. Intelligence Community report saying that the United States’ technological superiority is diminishing in important areas. The solution? Coleman says that we must invest more in education, something that would turn out more scientists and engineers.

Posted on: 01.10.14