Why Microsoft two-step verification is a must

Want to protect your online accounts from hackers? Try two-step verification. Under such a system, you first log onto your accounts with a regular password. But that’s just the first step. You also have to enter a passcode or other form of identification to complete the log-on process. And the good news? Microsoft is introducing two-step verification for its accounts. And, as writer Ed Rhee writes in a recent column for CNET, people who want to protect themselves from hackers should get it.

Roll out

Rhee writes that Microsoft rolled out is two-step verification system on April 17. If you enable Microsoft’s two-step verification you’ll first need to enter your password to log onto your Microsoft accounts. Next, you will need to enter a security code. Only then will you complete the log on process.

The code

The security code is the key. It makes it far more challenging for hackers to sneak into your online accounts. In Microsoft’s system, the company will send you a security code either through e-mail or by using an automated message sent to your mobile device. Rhee writes that you could also download and use a Microsoft app to access your security code.


It’s true that two-step verification takes more time. But it’s relatively simple for the smartest of hackers to crack passwords. Accounts protected only by passwords, then, are way too insecure. Adding a security code means that most hackers will ignore your accounts and go after the ones that are less secure.

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Posted on: 10.29.13