Why pay for desktop wallpapers?

Bored with your desktop wallpaper? Well, we have good news for you. The lifehacker Web site recently featured some great online sources for free desktop wallpaper. Now there isn’t any reason to stare at a boring computer screen during your downtime.

Desktops by Artists

One of the sites strongly recommended by lifehacker is the Desktop Wallpaper Project. The project, located at the art blog The Fox is Black, each Wednesday showcases the work of a designer or artist who has created an original image perfect for your computer monitor.

Two is Better Than One?

Many computer users rely on dual monitors when working. If you do, you can get free wallpapers meant to be displayed on two or more monitors. Visit the Dual Monitor Backgrounds site to view a wide range of these specially created papers.

Getting Social

Another interesting site mentioned by lifehacker is Social Wallpapering. On this website, users submit free wallpapers. Other users then vote these designs up or down. It’s a great way to find wallpapers for which other computer users have already vouched.

Posted on: 09.13.13