Why you need to upgrade to Word 2013

Have you been debating whether it’s time to upgrade to Word 2013? PC World says it’s time to stop dithering. The brand new version of Word is loaded with features that can make you and your employees more efficient than ever. You might like that current version of Word that you’re using. That’s fine. But before you opt to stick with it, consider these nifty new features that come with Word 2013.

A better design tab

The primary reason to upgrade to Word 2013? PC World points to the program’s new and improved design tab. Word 2013 lets users choose between a wide range of themes, colors and fonts. And if you discover a certain combination that you might want to use all the time, it is easy to click the “Set as Default” option to return these themes any time you create a new document. Microsoft Word 2013 also permits users to preview a document style before they apply it to the whole document.

Making Reading Easier

Do you spend a lot of time reading documents with Word? If so, then an upgrade to Word 2013 is definitely advisable. That’s because the program now includes its own Read function, and, according to PC World, it’s a good one. Read makes reading Word documents a much more enjoyable experience. The feature automatically sizes documents to fit within users’ screens. Read also features on-screen arrows that make it simpler than ever before to flip pages or scroll through the important parts of a document.

Making PDFs Less of a Hassle

Word 2013 makes editing and reading PDF documents a simpler task, too. First, Word 2013 can open any PDF document. But that’s only the beginning. The program also allows you to edit PDF documents without bringing in a third-party application. According to PC World, you can even move images around a PDF document and edit any information contained in a table. For anybody who works with PDFs often, this is an amazing new feature.

Posted on: 06.13.13