Why you shouldn’t invest in a Chromebook

Should you buy a Google Chromebook? At least one tech writer, ZDNet’s Larry Seltzer, says “no”. And what energizes Seltzer’s negative recommendation? He says that Chromebooks do too little.


Sales on Chromebooks are extremely sluggish so far. Seltzer writes that the real problem with Chromebooks — and why consumers haven’t embraced them — is that they simply don’t do enough to warrant the dollars they cost. As Seltzer writes, Chromebooks fail to do what the majority of other laptops can. This is something that makes Chromebooks a poor choice.

Why hybrids rule

Seltzer writes that consumers would be smarter spending their money on a hybrid laptop/tablet device. These devices just do more. Seltzer points to Microsoft’s Surface hybrid, which allows consumers to run Office software, edit documents, search the Web and watch movies and videos. Chromebooks can’t do all this. So, Seltzer writes, why would anyone even consider purchasing a Chromebook rather than a hybrid device?

Just a browser

So, what exactly does a Chromebook do? Seltzer points out that its main purpose is to run the Chrome Web browser. The problem is, laptops can do this, too. So this again begs the question, why would consumers bother with Chromebooks when so many other devices do what they can do and much more.

Posted on: 01.03.14