Windows tweak ignores biggest problems

Don’t like Windows 8? Well, you might not like Windows 8.1 — Microsoft’s effort to tweak the operating system — either. That’s because, as New York Times tech writer David Pogue writes, the new version of Windows 8 doesn’t solve the biggest weaknesses in the operating system.

No Start menu

First, Windows 8.1 doesn’t restore the Start menu. Users who desire it will still have to install a third-party app that restores it.

Desktop, Tile issues

Secondly, Windows 8.1 still doesn’t know if it’s a touch-screen or mouse-and-keyboard system. The system’s TileWorld section works the best for touchscreens. But its Desktop section is clearly designed to be navigated with a mouse and keyboard. By splitting itself in two like this, Windows 8.1 doesn’t make anyone happy.

A disappointment

This means, as outlined by Pogue, that Windows 8.1 will most likely not save the Windows 8 operating system. The system so far is a dismal failure, with low sales. The update, if Pogue’s column is believed, won’t change this.


Posted on: 08.28.13