Work With Your IT Department Not Against Them

It is inevitable that you will need to solicit the assistance of your IT service provider. They are a busy bunch, helping many people with frustrating problems. It’s not an easy job. When you request their help, there are some considerations to remember. Namely, they aren’t mind readers. Provide as much important information in your preliminary request. Help them, help you. Here are some steps to make your experience and theirs more streamlined and pleasant.

Write an Informative Email Subject Line
Your company’s IT provider deals with countless requests a day.  Their greatest frustrations come when the requester doesn’t give enough valuable information.  When you send them an email, you should first identify yourself, and tell them where you work.  If your computer is having problems, identify your machine by make and model. Give them as much detail as possible.  Simply saying “Help!!!!!!!!” in the request is far from helpful.

Details, Details, Details
In the body of your email, be sure to include as much information as possible, i.e. what OS you are running, what actions you took, and what error messages you see. Error messages may not mean anything to people outside of the IT world, but they can provide a lot of insight into what’s happening with your machine. Also, don’t be vague and say, “followed recommended procedure,” as the person receiving your email may not understand what that is.  Instead, explain the exact steps you took.

Be Frank
You are a busy person and so is your IT support team.  Though it may be necessary to explain details, don’t write a book about your annoyance.  Offer the required information in a detailed but succinct manner.  Offering too many unimportant details increases the time it takes to provide you an answer to your problem.

In the end, you are all busy people and your IT provider wants to help you quickly and efficiently. Help them do so by following the tips above!

Posted on: 11.16.11